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According to Gartnerover 50% of interactions between employees takes place in collaborative tools – when we speak about innovation management, we usually do of a software to generate, evaluate and develop new ideas within an organization.

Today’s companies seem forced to manage uncertainty in their day-to-day activity and search for extraordinary solutions, calling upon innovation and all other resources available to drive them forward.

Under this premise, open innovation among different collectives and collaborators within a company is essential. And technology offers the perfect environment to encourage it.

When we speak of innovation, this distributed collaboration allows companies to connect people with different types of expertise and in different geographic areas who work towards one common goal, gathering ideas that solve problems that are common to them all, or to an organization. It is what we call collaborative innovation.

Within collaborative platforms, the use of communities or an innovation management software is increasingly widespread among companies that wish to open innovation to their different stakeholders, such as their employees or clients, to cite two examples.

10 important factors when choosing your ideas management software.

According to Statista, the collaborative tools market will grow by more than 40% by 2022, demonstrating that openness and collaboration are rising values in how today’s companies work and innovate.

Reasons to trust innovation management software.

For a musical piece to sound right, you need a music sheet (establishing an order within the entire piece), a conductor (holding the baton) and many musicians capable of playing the various instruments that enhance the piece.

Applied to innovation management, the process can be built on the foundation of a technology platform by a) connecting and encouraging collaboration between the parts (musicians and instruments) and b) indicating an order to perform music rather than noise (there is a score and a conductor, i.e. a methodology and people in charge of the process).

Both premises–collaboration and its systematic management–are behind the analysis carried out by MIT through more than 600 surveys to managers and users regarding the criteria used to choose collaboration platforms, including those that manage innovation.


‘Universe’, by ideas4all Innovation, is an innovation management software used by companies to innovate with their collaborators.

According to the survey, the perfect collaborative platform should:

Encourage diversity and make it shine.
Collaboration platforms should ensure the harmonious integration of different types of knowledge and participants, seen as a symptom of innovative wealth. In terms of collaboration and innovation (or collaborative innovation), for example, they should create an environment conductive to discovery and the co-creation of new ideas.

Guide collaboration towards execution and results.
To have value, interaction and productivity among users should be directed towards goals set by the organization and following these up. The ideal innovation management software should offer real-time collaboration tracking and be able to adjust to an organization’s different objectives [discover 5 cases of use for collaborative innovation].

Create a friendly environment conductive to collaboration. 
Any digital environment based on collaboration should facilitate interaction between its users. Real-time communication and transparency are two indispensable resources that give shape to a dynamic and productive collaborative framework, and–in the case of innovation–promote result-oriented work and ideas.

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