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The road to innovation can seem fraught with obstacles. But if companies do not innovate today, they will be faced with barriers that may absolutely impede their future survival.

In this context, an increasing number of industries are opening up to innovation by co-creating with their ecosystem of collaborators, as opposed to the traditional practice of limiting innovation to the activity of a self-contained, obscure department.

The motivation behind this initiative is to accelerate innovation. But also, to validate their results with large groups of users, like consumers, to reduce risks with every product launch.

57% of sectors already acknowledge that co-creation has changed how they innovate, according to the study “Co-creating the future” by Hitachi.

By sectors, the motor sector is revealed as the main driver of an approach to innovation based on collaboration with the different stakeholders surrounding the industry.

Open innovation in the automotive sector.

The motor industry is immersed in a deep state of transformation, with converging factors like self-driving cars, carbon emissions or changing habits that favor an economy of sharing (car sharing) as opposed to one based on ownership.

In fact, almost 83% of brands in the sector highlight the innovative power of co-creation, compared to 57% in other industries.

Today, co-creation and open innovation is a reality in the sector, as shown in the image below: several companies work together in a vehicle’s assembly. Among these, many belong to other industries and sectors; they contribute added services and value to the onboard and driving experience, and even changes in how to access the vehicle, to cite a few examples.

Moreover, the huge development and manufacturing costs make co-creation an astute resource for the industry, to create or test new designs, explore or contrast new market opportunities with a large bedrock of collaborators, such as stakeholders in their market, other markets, or their own consumers. 

innovación abierta en el sector automoción
Porsche, open innovation at the client’s service
Porsche Ibérica is one of the companies in the motor sector that has become committed to collective innovation, in this case by involving part of its dealership network in the process, and within a program to transform their company culture with the help of ideas4all Innovation and Made in Möbile . Specifically, the automotive company has recently launched a pilot experience that involves employees from their sales network in the co-creation of ideas. Using an online community, they can share proposals to improve services and processes in their sales channel, as well as the customer experience.

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