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RTVE’s commitment to innovation seeks to transcend the audiovisual environment through its vocation as a public service. As such, it looks to create value in society through synergies with other agents, putting its experience at the service of the common good.

With that inspiration, a collaboration agreement was signed on the 24 of July between RTVE and SODECO, the Society for the Development of the Mining Districts in Asturias, for the economic diversification of this mining area through the audiovisual industry, taking as a point of reference Impulsa Visión, innovation model of Spain’s public audiovisual corporation.

“I believe the most important value of the agreement is the implementation of a collaborative model that is shared by both public corporations, who know that promoting innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship is essential for sustainable growth and development in their respective fields,” according to Esteban Mayoral, responsible for Impulsa Visión and assistant director of RTVE’s Innovation Center.

Far from being the end of a journey, the signature seeks to create a stable channel for cooperation between both corporations, which will be kick-started with an official presentation ceremony this Fall in the central mining district of Asturias.

RTVE will use innovation to stimulate growth in the mining basin of Asturias.

SODECO chose RTVE as a partner after reviewing various, public and private, open innovation models. Cooperation between both entities will materialize as several stimulation initiatives for the local economy, offering alternatives to employment in mining.

To this end, the idea is to transform the area into an audiovisual talent hub, by supporting the creation of companies in the sector, and reinforcing those that are already operating on a local level, thus restructuring employment in the area.

“The objective of the agreement is very specific: it seeks to stimulate a geographic area with unique features, by developing an innovative and entrepreneurial audiovisual ecosystem,” explains Mayoral regarding a model that is not new for the corporation; it is precisely cross-collaboration with other agents, like universities or research centers, that has allowed RTVE to be at the vanguard of audiovisual technology in Europe.

Internal and external innovation for an RTVE open to society

RTVE’s commitment to open innovation with other actors is complemented by a proactive internal innovation strategy that seeks continuous adaptation and greater efficiency in delivering its public service.

Since 2018, initiatives like the open innovation community Innova digitalize and place the corporation’s employees at the forefront of a process that is designing their future.

“This model allows us to involve the corporation’s employees as allies in our technological transformation,” outlined Mayoral in an interview at the community’s launch, adding that it uses open participation to place the organization’s different professional categories and territorial headquarters on the same level, thus impacting on the cultural change within the corporation.

Innova: RTVE's innovation program

Prior to the launch of the internal innovation program, ideas4all Innovation, the supplier company for the project, carried out consulting work for the co-design of an internal innovation model based on actively listening to employees, breaking up departmental silos through co-creation and collaboration, and promoting corporate entrepreneurship.

During this time, RTVE’s employees have shared ideas in the community for the digital transformation of the public corporation, as well as for the creation of new TV formats and content that keep the pace with the evolution of consumer habits among their audience. They have also developed new business models that guarantee the public corporation’s sustainability.

The Innova project has also delved into the pursuit of new ways of working that promote efficiency and employee well-being, and are well-adapted to the current COVID-19 scenario, such as teleworking.

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