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Intrapreneurship is proving to be one of the most effective ways to drive a company’s internal innovation and take full advantage of its talent.

Calidad Pascual is one company committed to transforming employees into entrepreneurs, enabling them to devise new proposals and lead their own projects within the organization.

They are doing so thanks to the Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento program, an open innovation community where the group’s employees can share and co-create ideas.

The initiative, as described below, stems from their pledge to make the most of internal talent and existing know-how in the company to generate disruptive or evolutionary proposals in relation to products, services or processes, among other areas of corporate activity.

 Download the case study (free pdf) for Calidad Pascual’s intrapreneurship program.
Here are some of the guidelines that have shaped the creation of Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento:


The challenge
Calidad Pascual wanted to create a channel where their employees could act as intrapreneurs, sharing their ideas for innovation within the company.

The solution
The company has launched an innovation community open to its internal talent, where employees can participate in the process of collaborative innovation through ideas crowdsourcing.

The result.
In only six months, the community has given rise to more than 500 ideas that have an impact on different areas of the company’s business. This crowdsourcing process is followed by the co-creation of proposals among employees, with the qualitative evaluation of a committee of mentors who select the best ideas and guide their authors in their development as MVPs.

This interview with Javier Paniagua, Director of Digital Transformation at Calidad Pascual, explores some details of the project.

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