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Global warming and environmental degradation are currently perceived as the biggest threat to the planet, according to a study published by the Pew Research Center.

The switch to a more sustainable way of life is up to all of us. Citizens, companies and governments are both part of the problem, and part of the solution.

Aware of this fact, ideas4all Innovation is launching ideas4all Innovation eco, a new line of services linked to our software, methodology and consulting services for the generation of innovation and collaborative intelligence communities related to innovation and sustainability.

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Sustainable Innovation in community.

Europe alone generates over 2.5 million tons of waste every year. Figures like this have raised awareness among consumers and companies regarding a problem that is endangering their future and that of coming generations.

Little by little, the concept of sustainability is becoming one more part of the process of manufacturing, buying, consuming and recycling a product.

29% of consumers say they already choose brands that have a positive sustainable impact.
– Global Consumer Survey 2019 PriceWaterhouseCooper.

And this global conception of the problem means that the different stakeholders (manufacturers, consumers, public and private waste management institutions…)may participate together in finding ideas that can become solutions.

ideas4all Innovation eco suggests the use of its software for innovation communities to bring together all stakeholders and create a more sustainable world.

An innovation community allows organizations to host a collaborative intelligence process along with the organization’s different stakeholders, as a way of obtaining the following differential advantages:

  • Create a community where there is a real-time debate and ideas are generated around the achievement of a more sustainable world.
  • Obtain insights and trends from a community made up of many users, who identify the most important concerns and themes in the area of sustainability.
  • Involve the community, through crowdsourcing and co-creation, in finding ideas that solve the most pressing challenges.
  • Detect promising ideas, evaluate their impact and proceed to implement them.
  • Generate a sense of community and awareness surrounding one of the main challenges we face in the 21stCentury: a more sustainable world.

Companies and communities with a sustainable impact.

Given their impact on society, companies are a key piece of the sustainability jigsaw, either by proposing an environmentally-respectful value offer to consumers that are increasingly demanding on this matter, or by simply contributing with good practices to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

In this respect, ideas4all Innovation eco and collaborative intelligence allow today’s organizations to involve their different stakeholders in the expansion of their impact in this common cause, as illustrated by the following examples.

communities examples of sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation and products that use less plastic.
Vicky Foods uses its co-creation community to set its customers and consumers the challenge of finding ideas that can become solutions to reduce the use of plastic in their products.

How to extend the useful life of products.
Last year, Unltd Spain used its community of social entrepreneurs Plantacción to find solutions that address planned obsolescence, focusing on an urgent need on which the European Union has recently legislated, at least in relation to certain products.

Promote recycling among companies and consumers.
Already in 2010, a young Colombian entrepreneur managed to drive and find sponsors for his project Ecopuntos in ideas4all, our creative ideas community. Ecopuntos proposed the creation of a physical device that offered users and companies rewards to incentivize recycling. The project managed to recycle over 600,000 packages and involved 1,200,000 people. Thanks to the project, the young entrepreneur was highlighted in 2013 as one of the most influential Latin American leaders under 30 by the World Economic Forum.

ecopuntos, an example of sustainable innovation

Want to connect with your stakeholders to co-create a more sustainable world?
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