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We very much hope that 2021 is the year when innovation dispels much of the uncertainty we have lived in during these last months.

However, a look at the following chart shows that, although evidently to a lesser degree, uncertainty has accompanied us throughout the last decades.

innovation uncertainty

We have witnessed the first major recession of the new millennium and seen digital disruption that, according to many, represents a new industrial revolution… and, over and above the short-term challenge of finding a vaccine against the virus, we may probably experience another economic recession in the future, of unknown impact and duration.

The last decades–and a glance at the Fortune 500 or the number of unicorns confirms this–have shown how the companies who have managed to set themselves apart from the rest are those that are quick to readapt and innovate.

But, how can a company acquire the capacity and vision to innovate on essential aspects of its business, and connect these with extraordinary operational agility?

In this article, Deloitte highlights some of the key elements that allow companies to reach cruise speed in innovation, while producing results:

·       They have a flexible, robust and safe technology infrastructure, from which they can build operational agility.

·       They use data and analysis to increase efficiency, guide product development and support new business models.

·       The enjoy access to open talent networks that supply the organization with people, ideas and skills that complement what their employees can offer, and are necessary for innovation.

·       They generate synergies and engagement with their entire business ecosystem, encouraging collaboration and resource sharing between employees and other partners, to accelerate innovation.

·       They promote process automation to focus on more valuable creativity through new products.

·       They build a refined customer experience based on their data, insights or detected needs.

Lastly, Deloitte stresses how they use technology as a facilitator that activates corporate innovation and speeds it up.

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