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innovationHUB, the collaborative innovation event held last Friday in the Madrid headquarters of EY, hosted the second edition of its Innovation Awards, with prizes for open innovation programs in companies and institutions.

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The diverse nature of the award winners underscores how open innovation is becoming a customary resource for transformation in any institution and sector. Among its competitive advantages is the fact that knowledge and ideas are brought together from different collectives, in real time.

Here are the winners of ideas4all Innovation’s 2017 Innovation Awards:

isotipo ideas4all Innovation 2017 Award: Seguros Santalucía


Thanks to the community Tuiddeas, the insurance company has managed to identify 50 intrapreneurs among its close to 7,000 employees. They will play a vital role in the company’s digital transformation, through the generation of 10 new strategic business models.

isotipo Best Management Team: Banco Sabadell


For the continuous efforts of its ideas platform for employees throughout the last 6 years, the ability to maintain high levels of participation, the quality of its challenges and inspiring activities, and quality of its ideas.

isotipo Outstanding Ideator: Banco Sabadell

Specifically, for the ideator Espiellj, for sharing over 650 ideas since 2010, many of which have been implemented. Most of them were quick wins.

isotipo Outstanding Use Case: Grupo AIA


For the application of its community of ideas in the collaborative development of an algorithm that takes full advantage of the variety of approaches in its two main groups of researchers.

isotipo Transformative Innovation: Santander City Council


For its 12 competitions suggested for citizens, enabling all people in Santander to make their proposals become a reality, contributing to the city’s improvement and transforming its public spaces based on open participation from citizens.

isotipo Best Dynamization Campaign: Zürich Seguros


For its Imagina launch campaign using different company channels and giving a prominent role to the CEO through messages that encouraged registration and participation. This achieved over 800 registrations out of 1,400 invited users.

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