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Ignacio Faus, CEO of KPMG Spain talks to Innovadores about how digitalization has affected the traditional structure of organizations, highlighting the need for transformation through new governance models that promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

| 1 minute with Ignacio Faus, CEO of KPMG Spain.

Innovators: There has been a radical change in the world over the last decade. Have companies also changed?

Ignacio Faus: Today, information is available at all levels, not only within the company itself. Organizations are no strangers to these changes and are increasingly horizontal, with knowledge also being increasingly spread out within organizations.

(I): Does this horizontal paradigm make organizations stronger?

(I.F.): It does. Some experts are not necessarily always aligned with an organization’s hierarchy or a traditional structure.

(I) What can organizations do to take advantage of all that potential knowledge?

(I.F.): I believe crowdsourcing ideas is crucial, not only internally within your company, but also with your clients; for example, through open innovation environments where ideas are built through contributions from many different sources.

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