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Attracting, detecting and extracting talent is essential for the competitive growth of an organization.

To do so, placing people at the center of your business management is crucial. In an increasingly automated scenario, it is a good idea to strengthen the qualities that differentiate humans from machines. Some of these qualities are creativity, innovation, or critical thinking.

That said, how to explore these qualities? Is it possible to measure a company’s humanity?

Fundación máshumano, the Institute for Integral Management (Instituto de Desarrollo Directivo Integral, IDDI) of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, and consulting firm Watch&Act, have developed a tool that calculates the level of humanity in companies, based on four pillars of their corporate culture: purpose, leadership model, people management and how employees work and relate with each other.

What has been called the Business Humanity Index (Índice de Humanización de la Organización, IHO) is the result of four years of research, along with over 3,500 surveys carried out with professionals in different fields, and the contribution of more than 150 expert suggestions through ecosh, the collaborative intelligence community promoted by Fundación máshumano, together with ideas4all Innovation.

How to measure your company`s humanity

The IHO has been made available mainly to small and medium-sized companies, so that they may pass on the evaluation to their employees in an initial testing phase. The goal is to detect areas for improvement and measure the impact of a more humane culture on their income accounts.

Likewise, any individual professional working in a public or private company can contribute with his/her answers to the creation of the first humane business index for companies in Spain.

The use of this tool, based on actively listening to employees, adds data to business intelligence and impacts on indicators such as sustainability, engagement or competitiveness.

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