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Work environment surveys could be a thing of the past as a way of measuring employee satisfaction. At least, that seems to be the case with Millennials, who already make up 50% of the total workforce.

According to an article published in CrowdSourcing Week, this collective shares a series of values that are different to those of previous generations. Among these, performing a job that is rewarding and where they feel a sense of belonging and personal involvement. Something that, a priori, allows companies to be optimistic.

That said, Millennials demand a new type of management and leadership. This new style departs from hierarchies and establishes relationships and forms of communication that are more horizontal, democratic and transparent. Top-down approaches are a thing of the past.

The article suggests five resources, with crowdsourcing as a common tool, to attract Millennial talent and obtain their maximum implication:

Ongoing communication and interaction: Millennial employees wish to feel part of the project they are working on. Not only do they demand information regarding business evolution and decisions made, but they also want to be external ambassadors of the project they are working on. If it is managed correctly, this input is a source of great value for companies.

‘Digital first’ mentality, and a preference for their tools. This hyper-connected generation uses social media in their everyday lives, and wishes to reproduce this model for communication and cooperation in their jobs. Averse to a lack of transparency, this generation wants to be able to contribute ideas freely and without internal restrictions.

Generate ideas and participate in their evolution. This is another demand made by Millennials. To give them that opportunity, organizations can propose challenges and competitions focusing on the challenges of the future, involving multidisciplinary teams and the different points of view of their members.


Sense of belonging, which is only possible when internal and external recognition are a part of the project. The best way to make this recognition possible is through open, transparent and democratic channels that can give wings to the generation’s ideas and concerns.

Ongoing training: Millennials want to connect with people who are like them, or people who are different; they want to share ideas and knowledge, and they want to improve. They also give absolute freedom to their creativity and ideas, something that has great value for companies who wish to detect, retain and make the most of the talent they have within their organization.

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