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2nd march 2016. It has been more than five years since Mutua Madrileña began to use digital tools as a way to crowdsource ideas. During that time, the insurance company has decided to use ideas social networks to open participation, first to its employees and then to its clients, illustrating the growing value of collective intelligence.

The objective, in both cases, was to improve the quality of the service offered to clients, anticipate their needs and, internally, to encourage a work routine defined by creativity and innovation.

Today, Mutua Madrileña can certify that the ROI of an ideas platform is very high in net terms, especially because it has helped to implement new services and products with remarkable commercial success.

The origin of all of them lies in ideas contributed both by the insurance company’s own employees and its clients, through the Mutua’s B2C Soy Innovador. Internally, around 10% of the ideas submitted by employees have been implemented, generating value in several different areas of the company.

An employee’s idea has provided the company with a net profitability of 3 to 4 million euros since its implementation – Linkedin  Fernando Bueno is Director of Innovation at Mutua Madrileña

Among implemented ideas is the ‘mechanic guarantee’, a product that focuses on facilitating transactions for second-hand vehicles, or the ‘win back‘ initiative, which strives to win back clients one year after they have left the company, when they have had the opportunity to realize that the Mutua’s commercial offer is superior to any offered by the competition.

This latter idea was submitted by an employee and has provided the company with a net profitability of 3 to 4 million euros to date.

This is only one example of how ideas social networks allow companies to listen to and implement ideas, of their employees and their clients, which would otherwise remain hidden and go to waste.

Thanks to this tool Mutual Madrileña has also been able to identify employee profiles within its workforce that are prepared to innovated and do things differently in their daily work, with creativity and imagination. Something that, at the same time, is reflected in the quality of service offered to clients.

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