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22th May 2015. The relationship between Mutua Madrileña and ideas4all dates back to 2010, when the insurance company implemented a crowdsourcing comunity provided by ideas4all Innovation to promote innovation among its employees. The success of that experience brought about, two years later, the application of  Soy Innovador, a second social network for ideas, open to the public and intended for the company’s clients.

Soy Innovador lets us ask questions to our clients, and it has revealed that there are many areas of the company they weren’t aware of, which we are now acquainting them with.”—  Linkedin Belén Antón, Assistant Director of Quality and Innovation, Mutua Madrileña

In ideas4all’s Clients Club meeting held on December 2, the company explained the experience of using ideas social networks, and had the opportunity to take a closer look at the use companies in other sectors are making of these platforms.

For Mutua Madrileña, having social networks for innovation in two different channels (B2B & B2C) has meant an important catalyst for positive changes in the company’s listening and execution.

Internally, 90% of employees are registered users, and almost 70% of them participate in the platform frequently. Their unique position and knowledge of the company allows these employees to submit ideas that contribute to the company’s strategic objectives. The result is that 19 such ideas have already been implemented.

Just as satisfactory was the experience of opening a platform for clients. Having an ideas social network by ideas4all Innovation has allowed us to find out what they expect of us, acquiring information we were unaware of, and has been unquestionably valuable.

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