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2nd June 2015. Having an innovation community powered by ideas4all Innovation has provided Nestlé with several evolutionary advantages. Of all these, perhaps the most striking is having an internal innovation tool that has allowed them to create new product developments in categories that were already very mature.

The last ideas4all Clients Club meeting highlighted the fact that we currently find ourselves in a changing market that demands more speed and more ideas, where innovations have an increasingly short life cycle.

In this situation, having an ideas social network has allowed Nestlé to develop an element of collective intelligence with a great power of transformation.

“The platform has helped to make employees feel involved in one of the company’s most important vehicles for growth [innovation], and it has done so under the umbrella that every team member has ideas and has an innovator inside them.”Linkedin Jesús Alonso, Director of Innovation, Nestlé Spain

Previously, the company used a small internal application to encourage innovation. However, having an ideas social network has represented a distinguishing element that has allowed the company greater and more frequent contact with all of its employees.

Participation figures speak for themselves, with 1,500 registered users (25% of the workforce), of which more than half are active. In addition, close to 60% of the company’s employees are factory workers, with more difficult access to the platform.

In its three and a half year history, Innova 2.0, the ideas social network by ideas4all Innovation, has gathered almost 3,500 ideas, of which 350 have been analyzed in-depth, and 80 have ultimately been tested directly with consumers.

Small, everyday innovations are the ones that end up fuelling growth. Having more and better ideas gives companies a competitive advantage that allows them to offer their consumers better products and solutions.

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