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History repeats itself and reading the classics is always a revealing experience.

A friend of mine passed me this magnificent quotation. There is nothing new under the sun. My friend says it’s Cicero’s, but I can’t find the reference. It is one of those quotes that spread in the Internet without a reliable reference. I don’t think Cicero ever said that, which is why I recommend you always verify your sources.

Although it is a little extreme and politically incorrect, and despite the distance with respect to collective social needs, which I do defend, and the work of NGOs in countries in need; generally speaking, it is good advice.

Nihil novum sub sole

Fals quotation from Marcus Tulius Cicero addressing the Roman Senate 2,064 years ago:Marco Tulio Cicerón from wikipedia

“The budget must be balanced, the Treasury must be replenished, public debt must be reduced, the arrogance of public servants must be moderated and controlled, and help from other nations must be eliminated for Rome to avoid bankruptcy. People must learn to work again, rather than live at the expense of the State.”

Year 55 BC


Ana María Llopis

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