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Innovating with people within the company to get the best out of them. The latest edition of the innovationHUB allowed us to discover the intrapreneurship program developed by Santalucía Seguros, which makes it possible for employees in all the company’s areas to work on disruptive innovation projects.

Ángel Uzquiza, Director of Innovation at the insurance company, spoke to us about the program, supported by tuiddeas, the company’s internal ideas community, preceded by a complex scouting task, detecting profiles within the company with enterprising DNA.

Innovadores (I): What is the new intrapreneurship program developed by Santalucía Seguros?

Ángel Uzquiza (AU): For the first time, 50 company employees have been selected to work on 10 disruptive innovation programs. First there will be a mentoring phase with experts from inside and outside the company, next they will pitch their project to the company’s management, and finally two of them will become part of our startups program “Santalucía Impulsa” for five months. The winning project will also travel to Silicon Valley to gain first-hand knowledge of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

I: At this innovationHUB, we spoke about ecosystems and innovating through collaboration with internal and external resources. You have tuiddeas, an ideas crowdsourcing community that is open to all your employees. Why is it part of this project and what role does it play?

AU: tuiddeas plays an extremely important role within the company’s innovation area. It was launched in 2013 internally and has spearheaded the generation of a transversal innovation culture throughout the entire organization. As the 7,000 employees of the company are familiar with the community as well as the values it promotes, it was very easy to host the intrapreneurship program there.

I: How did you choose the candidates for the program?

AU: When choosing the 50 candidates, we conducted several selection processes with the support of our HR area and resources like digital skills and intrapreneurship tests. We also requested letters of motivation from candidates wishing to take part in the project, something that is undoubtedly important, since we are ultimately looking for entrepreneurs within the company.

I: In that sense, does the program imply a commitment to placing value on people?

AU: We want to get the selection process right, and make the most talented employees the real stars, those who deserve to be there, even if all employees have talent. And in that sense, a community like tuiddeas plays a very important role, because it allows us to reach employees and break down barriers.

I: Also, to detect talent and make it work towards the organization’s goals?

AU: Tuiddeas is a tool that detects talent and creates a culture of innovation. It has helped us find the most creative and participative people. It is worth mentioning that we us the tool throughout the year and for different purposes, not only for this intrapreneurship project. For example, we periodically launch challenges for the entire company, with people collaborating and giving value to the community itself. The HR area has feedback on the process at all times, which is completed with training actions and specific workshops for those people with the greatest creative abilities or creative thinking skills.

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