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CIO is one of the most important executive positions in today’s business world. In an environment of disruption and technological evolution, the Chief Information Officer is required to implement innovative strategies that produce results.

The problem is what was always done in the business environment no longer works. And the field of technology is no exception. While organizations move between continuous change and uncertainty, a CIO’s job is to take full advantage of all the potential offered by this new digital age to help improve and transform the relationship and experience with clients and employees.

But, what are the main challenges this professional profile faces in 2020? According to Forrester’s predictions, market uncertainty will become an opportunity for CIOs. This text by Brian Hopkins also proposes three predictions for this year:

1. People, top of the agenda.
Technology evolves in leaps and bounds. In fact, an IT team today can develop technologies and products in far less time than was possible a few years ago. However, this dynamism does not solve the most important problem, and the paramount goal: reaching people. According to the cited article, 2020 will be the year when talent and organizational culture will become priority areas for CIOs. All eyes will be on them and their teams, as they will be fundamental elements in finding solutions for the challenges faced by companies.

In this sense, there are more and more departments within organizations that are committed to actively listening to large audiences to gain better knowledge of their target audience, in order to be able to offer them what they seek.

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2. Strategies based on data will burst onto the scene.
In their eagerness to drive transformative programs, companies will continue prioritizing data. The article highlights, however, that this type of strategy requires much more than just the right technology to achieve success. Transformation within a company will depend on the ability of its leaders to recognize that success depends on all the talent within the organization.

3. Automation, a reality.
Automation and artificial intelligence have been the topics of greatest interest for CIOs in recent years. And with good reason. Automation in 2020 will go from planning to action, starting with the company’s workforce.

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