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Results to the recent survey by McKinsey The Digital Tipping Point (Click here to read the article) show the following Top Trends in Customer Engagement and Innovation:

ideas4all’s Product Challenge and Brand Challenge with our Innovation Agora allow companies to work on both customer engagement and innovation, launching product or brand challenges for clients or consumers, achieving greater identification with the brand by calling for their ideas to improve their products.

Theideas4all Product Challenge makes it possible to:

„  – Create an innovation community(Temporary or Permanent) with clients or consumers, by invitation, integrated in an existing community or open to all with automatic registration.

„  – Customize their community with brand or product-specific logos, colors and content.

„  – Define the categories for which the company seeks client ideas (Packaging, Wrapping, Flavors, Product Lines, Functions, Processes, Promotions, Image…).

„  – Launch idea competitions and challenges on specific topics of interest to the brand or product (if you want good answers, you need to ask the right questions)

„  – Launch promotions to reward registration, activity… with guaranteed prizes or draws amongst those who meet certain conditions (Scores, Ideas, Votes…)

„  – Achieve high participation thanks to functions that will engage, stimulate and add dynamism to the user community

„  – Allow the company’s clients to comment and vote for ideas submitted by other clients.

„  – Establish conversations with clients through the comments to ideas submitted by the Community Manager and Category Experts, or through direct comments in user profiles.

„  – Reward the most voted and best ideas by acknowledging their creators.

Ultimately, ideas4all Product Challenge allows companies to achieve greater engagement with their clients or consumers while obtaining innovative ideas that will improve their products and services.

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