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Consumers take center stage. With this comparison taken from show business, Rafael Juan, CEO of Grupo Dulcesol, spoke to us at innovationHUB about the project Mi Dulcesol idea, which enables the food group from Valencia to co-create with large groups of consumers. Open innovation, actively listening to customers and reinforcing customer loyalty, are some of the routes that define a program for an open innovation digital community, as a point of contact between brand and consumers.

You can see a summary of the interview in the following video:

Innovators (I): How did you come to the decision of opening up and listening to consumers?

Rafael Juan (RJ): We have given shape to this project after a period of internal reflection, where we realized that our innovation model was too endogamous, restricted to our Commercial and Marketing departments. We were forgetting about the most important actors: consumers.

I: So, you are presenting ‘Mi Dulcesol idea’, an open community to gather their ideas and insights: what is your goal with this community?

RJ: What we wish to do with the community is give consumers a voice within our internal innovation groups. We want to co-create with our consumers, we want them to be proactive–prosumers–who generate ideas and content related to our brand, in our social media channels as well as their own.

I: A project like this goes beyond a simple conversation with consumers, it generates content; insights that are extremely valuable for any brand.

RJ: We try to take things one step further, being even more proactive and creating a platform that is very open and allows consumers to get to know us, without losing sight of all the other resources we have at our disposal to communicate with consumers.

I: Why drive a community like this instead of using other digital channels, like social media?

RJ: When considering co-creation with consumers, we began to research the most efficient technologies we could use, and we came to ideas4all Innovation. The community is very powerful, because it allows us to quickly connect with a large group of consumers and take full practical advantage of the ideas they provide us with.

I: Ultimately, the motivation is to innovate together with consumers. What do you do with their ideas?

RJ: We have an innovation committee made up of various work groups, who receive the ideas shared in the community. Also, the organization itself launches challenges for users, aligned with our Commercial and Marketing plans; the goal is to give us a direction and find out how they can help us.

Rafael Juan presented the project ‘Mi Dulcesol idea’ in the latest edition of innovationHUB. Discover every aspect of the event.

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