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To resume tourism and do so with an approach based on innovation, the City Council of Santander has recently launched a competition for citizen participation in its community Santander City Brain eco, in search of ideas to reactivate the sector locally after Covid-19.

The solutions shared should focus on consolidating the city as a reference in sustainable, quality tourism in the face of the pandemic. To do this, they must make attracting tourists compatible with increasing income, while ensuring public health, respect for the environment and avoiding overcrowding.

Santander’s City Council is committed to citizen participation and open innovation to address the dismal quarter caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the tourism sector, with a 100% drop in activity within Spain, according to data provided by the Bank of Spain.

In contrast, the competition seeks to reactivate the city’s network of hotels and restaurants after months of standstill imposed by the pandemic, counting with collaboration from the main operators in the sector, as well as small businesses and citizen participation.

A step towards a more sustainable future

The innovation community for citizens Santander City Brain eco, made possible by the patronage of Banco Santander, was launched this March as a channel for participation to make Santander a more sustainable city.

During these months, the City Council has asked citizens for ideas to promote sustainable mobility, or to stimulate resilience among small businesses who face a health crisis like the one caused by Covid-19.

The project is aligned with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has rewarded several ideas from citizens such as the creation of a ‘Black Friday’ in Santander to promote shopping in local stores, or the installation of baby carriers on bikes in the municipal bike rental service.

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