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8th june 2015. Repsol’s experience with ideas social networks by ideas4all Innovation dates back to 2012 and began as a way to encourage employee participation in the company and generate a corporate culture of innovation.

“Having an ideas social network has given us a tool to transform corporate culture, taking employees into account”  — Linkedin Juan Luis Rodríguez Sánchez del Álamo, Assistant Director for Innovation Projects, Repsol.

The latest meeting of the ideas4all Clients Club has allowed us to assess the last three years of the platform, which has enjoyed participation from over 15,000 employees, either sharing ideas (almost 3,000) or commenting, voting and complementing the ideas of others.

The company’s support for the project has been essential in order to achieve these high levels of excellence, especially that of senior management. In total, close to 25 challenges have been organized, which have resulted in 15 implemented ideas.

In short, we could say that having an ideas social network by ideas4all Innovation provides a double added value. On one hand it offers the value of ideas themselves, which become business opportunities; and on the other hand we have the cultural transformation of learning to benefit from actively listening to what the employee community is telling you.

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