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innovador_nataliagallego By Natalia Gallego.

5th april 2016. The rise of a knowledge-driven economy, intangible a priori but translatable into the creation of very high value, has introduced a new term into the debate on profitability and ROI (Return On Investment): “return on knowledge”. It makes sense since, in the end, innovation arises from ideas, and these are intimately related to knowledge and talent.

This is evidenced by concepts such as crowdsourcing and collective intelligence, which are becoming established terms in company structures, either as communicating vessels between different business areas or as digital environments for participation, to cite just two examples.

Santa Lucía Seguros decided to implement an ideas social network in 2013 with the objective of developing a democratic and transparent crowdsourcing culture among employees, while creating concrete business ideas.

Almost three years later, we can say that Túiddeas has transcended its original vocation–idea generation–to also provide an important cannel that reinforces the engagement of employees and management, while detecting, preserving and promoting talent.

All this is articulated under a simple premise: listen to employee ideas. This has made them feel more valued and integrated in the company.

Since the creation of Túiddeas, our employees feel more integrated, because their ideas are taken into consideration

At the same time, the platform has generated profitability in terms of implemented ideas with measureable results. 350 employee ideas are currently being studied, 50 are being developed and will soon be implemented, and 16 have already been put in place after going through several filters.

Among these ideas is the creation of an urgent problem-solving cabinet for all Company employees, where problems are solved within a maximum period of one day and through a technical expert in the subject-matter of the specific incident or event. Since it was implemented last year, the cabinet has received more than 2,000 emails and 800 calls.

Having an ideas social network has allowed everyone at Santa Lucía Seguros to become involved in a common innovation strategy that is transparent and open to all, making it possible to develop professional–and why not, personal–initiatives and ambitions, while bringing to light employee profiles and ideas that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Linkedin  Natalia Gallego is an Innovation Specialist in Santa Lucía Seguros.
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