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10th June 2015. The latest annual ideas4all Clients Club meeting was a good opportunity to share the progress achieved by Grupo Banco Santander thanks to its innovation community provided by ideas4all Innovation.

SANTANDERideas was launched in January 2014 with the active support of the bank’s senior management, something that has proven essential for its implementation, and with the objective of encouraging participation within all of the company’s departments.

“The balance of this first year in the life of our ideas social network is highly satisfactory, as we have achieved the registration of 25,000 users who have shared almost 10,000 ideas” — Linkedin José Manuel Valverde, Director of Internal Corporate Communication, Grupo Banco Santander

But above all, as could be seen in the ideas4all Clients Club meeting, the platform has proven to be a true driver for Banco Santander’s cultural transformation.

Having an ideas social network has allowed the bank to drive an internal cultural transformation marked by active listening for ideas, integration and collaboration between people on an international level. It is worth remembering that Grupo Banco Santander is present in 40 countries and has over 180,000 employees.

In this sense, the innovation community provided by ideas4all Innovation has enjoyed a great reception, with high percentages of participation and employee engagement.

But apart from the selection and implementation of 50 new ideas in different business lines (some in several countries), the ROI obtained with its implementation must also include the appreciation of SANTANDERideas as an important tool for the company’s cultural transformation, conveying the importance of listening and innovation to all the people who make up the company.

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