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Citizen participation has become one of the fundamental pillars of Smart Cities. The need for an open and transparent governance model is a reality. According to recent study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 51% of the actors that make up a city demand the implementation of digital channels that allow them to become involved in the decision-making that affects their immediate environment.

In 2012, the city of Santander, an international reference in the Smarty City movement, implemented an innovation community open to the ideas of all its citizens, to public-private collaboration and to all the other stakeholders who share the city or have a relationship with it. During this time, Santander City Brain has given rise to around ten new projects executed in the city and several competitions open to local entrepreneurs.

Gema Igual, current Mayor of the city, explains to innovadores in this video how Santander City Brain has contributed to the development of a local innovation ecosystem and enabled Santander “to govern considering the opinions of citizens”.

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