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25th november, 2015. The digital transformation has enabled the creation of global work environments, connecting employees under simplified practices. This development, however, has also created the need to speak a common language that allows us to make the most of the possibilities this new model has to offer.

Pic: Hans Põldoja

When Stefan Lindegaard (@lindegaard) visited ideas4all he told us about the importance of speaking a common language of innovation, which–according to him–should encompass the medium as well as the message.

Lindegaard believes that adopting digital tools also implies using fluid, transparent and horizontal communication, understood by all members of the teams and involvingall structures. This helps to create a feeling of belonging to a community, as well as greater engagement.

Today, technology allows us to create work networks at a very low cost. In“Developing a global digital strategy” (McKinsey&Company, October 2014) we see the example of one digital strategy executive at Johnson & Johnson who, upon taking up his position, found a corporate structure that was atomized and disconnected.

The answer was to unify all that entropy–decentralized in different geographical locations–using one tool. Very soon, all the company’s divisions were integrated under one umbrella and employees “discovered an exciting new way of working”, based on participation and shared knowledge through one common tool.

Along these lines, in the latest ideas4all Clients Meeting Grupo Banco Santander spoke to us about how having an ideas social network like ideas4all Innovation Agora had allowed them to integrate their divisions in several countries under a unified innovation strategy.


“The ideas social network has allowed Banco Santander to become even more collaborative, listening even more to employees, motivating them and seeking excellence”. — Juan Manuel Cendoya, Director of Communication, Corporate Marketing and Research at Grupo Santander.


Bullet Further reading: the success story of Banco Santander with ideas social networks.

Ideas social networks enable the integration of teams from different disciplines and origins, all working in the same direction. But the management of an innovation platform is just as important as having one.

The Johnson & Johnson executive we mentioned states that, according to his experience, communication is essential in the management of any digital community.

Lindegaard shares this vision in the field of innovation. He believes that the way we present information is crucial, and that said information must be easily understood, and he therefore asks for the involvement of communication departments in this process, to make messages and objectives available to teams in a way that is simple and clear.

Ideas social networks are an interesting channel that can vertebrate these objectives, and they also have formulas such as challenges or competitions that can greatly facilitate the creation of innovative processes.

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