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February 19 2015. The 4th National Congress on Corporate Social Responsibility has emphasized the need for companies to adopt socially responsible practices, in addition to adopting the concept for marketing purposes.

Respecting people, rural areas, and the environment were some of the central themes of the Congress, which took place in Zaragoza (Spain) on February 13 and 14, with the participation of speakers such as ideas4all’s CEO.

Ana María Llopis foresees that CSR will be part of every company’s DNA very soon, be this through their own resources or through collaboration with third parties.


To illustrate this fact she offered the example (see video) of the campaign “Books for Colombia” organized by ideas4all, Iberia and Telepizza, which allowed tens of thousands of books to be sent to Colombia for children and teenagers in underdeveloped areas of the country.

The initiative, supported by the NGO Buena Nota, became a reality in 2012 after a Telepizza employee posted the idea in ideas4all: customers would donate books to be carried by the pizza delivery person, taking advantage of the free space left in their motorcycles after each pizza delivery.


“We are transforming companies internally through social networks for ideas” — Ana María Llopis


The existence of a collaborative work environment and the democratization of ideas allowed them to carry out a project where several companies were committed to applying their human capital in order to create value for society, above and beyond the creation of monetary profit.

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