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Again this year, the Top Employers Institute has published its ranking with the 100 companies considered most appealing employers in Spain, and has detected some common practices among these top employers, such as the use of technology to listen to employees and other stakeholders, while integrating and encouraging employee engagement toward the organization.

A total of 109 companies, many of which are local divisions of multinationals, are included in a list that highlights how putting employees at the center of a company’s strategy is one of the growing priorities for today’s organizations, and affects them beyond their Human Resources departments.

Proof of this is the 7% increase in companies considered Top Employers compared to the previous year’s edition, among which are some clients of  ideas4all Innovation in 2019 such as Banco Santander, EY, Banca March or Zurich Insurance, who have established several initiatives to listen to their employees and reinforce their feeling of belonging.

Working on engagement, a key to success among top employers

Here are some of the characteristics, according to the authors of the ranking, that define companies as appealing employers.

  • They use technology to attract and retain talent through inclusive communication, where employee and employer are treated as equals.
  • They encourage cross-cutting dialogue, as well as the exchange of information and knowledge to promote the development of their professionals
  • They use technology internally to help employees settle down (especially in new employee onboarding) around the organization’s objectives, and promote collaboration between employees.
  • They are committed to social learning and to the use of gamification.
  • They promote intrapreneurship and the figure of employee-leader, capable of managing their own projects and causing an internal impact.
  • They favor diversity as an asset at the service of the organization, and not as a business imperative.

To make up the list of top 100 employers, the institute evaluates 600 practices for the development of professionals in various areas, such as their strategies to manage talent and develop leadership, or the presence of an organizational culture that focuses on people.

Actively listening to employees: more innovation and greater engagement
Several different rankings that define the best companies to work in, highlight the importance of listening and placing employees at the heart of the company, not only to reinforce their commitment to the organization, but also to involve them in its transformation. According to the annual list of best employers released by Actualidad EconómicaKPMG is one of the large corporations committed to this practice. Specifically, through its corporate innovation program KPMG Innova Talent, launched with  ideas4all Innovation and based on actively listening to employee ideas and promoting dynamic and shared work methodologies that opt for collaboration within a network, as opposed to hierarchical models or work in isolated silos.

Drive a culture focused on people within your organization.
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