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Innovation in Tourism is bringing about a transformation in a sector, like many others, marked by digital disruption. In this specific case, however, it has also brought about the appearance of new technological actors or types of accommodation that fall under the–at times–diffuse concept of collaborative economy.

As in other sectors, this journey is feared because of the rough path to follow, but is also stimulating because of the new and exciting destinations to explore, better travelled in good company than alone. Walking that path, Eurostars Hotels has recently launched Hotel Tester Ideas, an open innovation community that asks its employees and clients to contribute ideas related to their offer and the hotel group’s establishments, through crowdsourcing and collective, dynamic co-creation mechanisms.

The initiative seeks to involve different stakeholders within the group and take innovation in the company beyond its central headquarters. It is a novel undertaking, because of the type of channel used and its broad, purely innovative approach; but also because of something more: the community constitutes a powerful channel for interaction that can help improve the client’s experience.

The project caters for and listens to guests, the bedrock of this business, and takes their ideas into account to make the very most of their stay and their relationship at all the points of interaction where the Eurostars Hotels symbol can be found. And, most importantly, it takes the experience guests have of the brand beyond the isolated event of their stay at a hotel.

Thus, the user experience stretches its influence and Eurostars remains in the traveller’s mind well after a holiday or business trip, creating loyalty among the hotel chain’s clients.


To this effect, the community hosts and aims to accommodate all types of ideas: on the hotel’s facilities and the care provided to clients, on their restaurant services or entertainment activities… Employees and guests consolidate a creative and collaborative pairing that is unusual in the sector and that, in every case, seeks opportunities for improvement.

The project, arising from the support of the company’s board of directors, therefore ultimately aims to make the many ideas contributed visible and to implement them as new elements that add to the group’s value chain.

Hotel Tester Ideas gives employees and guests a voice and contact with the hotel’s day-to-day activity, gathering local information that is extremely valuable from first-rate sources, who know the reality of the hotel business first-hand.

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