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There is an unwritten law that all companies accept: the consumer has the last word. Taken to its extreme, it gives consumers absolute control, to the point of letting them imagine and design the products they wish to consume.

Crowdsourcing is attaining a new importance in the relationship between brands and clients, according to the latest edition of the report “The state of crowdsourcing”, which analyzes last year’s evolution for this form of co-creation between companies and other actors, such as consumers, employees, third companies and other actors, to name just a few.

A practice that, according to this document, increased in use particularly during the last year and in the consumer goods sector, especially among a cluster of large companies who, because of their nature, have an extensive portfolio of product families with recurrent sales.

Specifically, the use of crowdsourcing with clients and employees in this sector grew by 27% in 2015 when compared to the previous year, as part of the inertia of a meteoric evolution that began almost a decade ago and that seems, for now, not to show a point of inflection (see graph).

crowdsourcing gran consumo

In fact, this practice has grown by 30% in the last two years within this sector. Other sectors that are also no strangers to crowdsourcing are consumer electronics or the media (+10% increase in both cases, in the last year).


Consumer products companies (Fast-moving consumer goods – FMCG) are those that turn to crowdsourcing the most, with their employees and clients.

“The state of crowdsourcing” also highlights how this technique is gaining importance as part of the creation of new products and services for consumer goods companies, while it is losing importance in the development of content by third-parties (for example, an open competition for the design of a product’s logo).

The main conclusion is that, increasingly, crowdsourcing and innovation go hand in hand, even if this is a technique that has other uses, such as increasing consumer engagement with a brand or offering consumers the opportunity to create content related to the brand.

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