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The University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) is promoting imaginala.uah, an innovative project for a digital community open to ideas from all the University’s collectives and the whole of society. During three months and as part of the project, UAH will use crowdsourcing to gather ideas that will allow them to construct a university for the future, adapted to the evolution and demands of today’s society.


The co-creative project seeks innovative ideas on various thematic pillars, among which Teaching and Learning, Employability, Research and Innovation, calling for participation from all the collectives that make up UAH and other external agents such as citizens, or the public and private sectors.

The University is also pursuing the vindication of its global nature, and the traditional and strategic role that it still plays today in the creation and debate of innovative ideas that affect society, beyond their impact on the campus or lecture halls.

The community imaginala.uah uses ideas crowdsourcing to generate a public and collective space in line with the university itself, where knowledge can be shared and all voices can be heard within an open, democratic and transparent spirit.

The community has therefore not restricted its dialogue or contributions to its members, but has created an open space for reflection on innovative proposals that may influence the academic sector and the university itself.

bullet Are you a University? Begin a collective journey towards 21st Century Education.

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