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Technology has never had such a profound impact on user experience. Almost one third of B2C companies are, in fact, planning to change their entire business structure to move closer to the consumer, according to Forrester’s predictions for 2017.

This is a short-term priority, since companies are aware that if they do not take this step, they could find themselves behind competitors in the race to attract and retain clients.


In fact, Forrester speaks of a market where IT and Cx are two convergent concepts. They point out, however, that thus far, many companies have separated their commitment to technological innovation from their clients’ digital experience.

Consumers are more volatile and demanding in the digital ecosystem, because they have a wider choice, and have access to a global offer as well as to the opinions of peers regarding products and services.

According to Forrester, 40% of users can change their decision in a matter of seconds and embrace a competitor simply because of their perception of a negative user experience during the purchasing process.

This habit, ascribed at first to Millennials, has become the norm among digital consumers of all generations, because they all share an emotional factor that is inherent to the human condition.

One example: not being able to contract a product intuitively or an error in a product’s webpage, are experiences that can cause frustration regardless of a person’s age.

And these emotions can play a key role when discarding a company, even more so if it is extremely easy to access another company’s services. As a result, Forrester concludes that it is surprising that brands have not understood earlier how important it is to care for their clients’ user experience, including that emotional side of things from the very beginning with the design of their products or digital purchase processes.

Customer journey mapping is something essential for today brand’s. – Forrester.

They are therefore now forced to undergo a profound transformation to adapt to a client-focused digital market. This involves, firstly, to stop perceiving technology simply as a resource that cuts down expenses or speeds up processes.

Technology offers a channel per se through which companies can offer consumers new and surprising experiences, while possibly multiplying interactions and customer touchpoints with the brand.

Co-creation programs are an excellent resource to achieve that contact and emotional identification for consumers. Firstly, because they activate an open and transparent channel for a one on one dialogue between clients and brands.

Secondly, because they allow companies to listen to their consumers’ demands and concerns, even going as far as participating in the creation of products and services. In such a process, information and ideas are obtained that will allow to improve theCx in all touch points with the brand.

Lastly, opting for a listening program of this type helps to create loyalty among clients, because they feel that there is something more behind the product: personalized attention and a continuous will to keep improving the brand’s offer.

A good product can become a better product with more added value behind it.

Marketing and technology: hand in hand in the design of a memorable Cx.
Forrester highlights how there are more and more cross-functional teams behind the design of the user experience for digital products. They especially emphasize the growing importance of marketing teams that work closer to the emotional aspects of the relationship with users. This combined vision, however, must also include an analytical view of things. In this sense, Forrester draws an analogy with the two brain hemispheres, the right side of the brain being more emotional (designing experiences to create loyalty among clients), and the left side more analytical (bringing technology and analytics together to customize offers according to consumer demands).

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