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31th march 2016. ideas4all has received the title of National Champion in the Innovation Category of the European Business Awards, an acknowledgement also received by other companies present in the Spanish market, such as Ferrovial, ING Direct, Telefónica or Siemens.

This award highlights the value of innovative practices in Europe’s economic, corporate and human development strategy.

In ideas4all’s case, the prize rewards the promotion of knowledge, innovation and ideas through a software application in the form ofSoftware as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, offering service to over twenty companies and institutions.

About the awards.

The European Business Awards select the most innovative European companies that promote good practices, ethical behavior and success in their daily work.

Over 700 companies from 33 countries aspire to these prestigious annual awards. The combined volume of turnover of all nominated companies is a Trillion euros (more than 8% of Europe’s GDP), and they employ 2.7 million people.

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