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The client cannot find what he or she is looking for, the brand listens to the consumer and follows up.
That is when the brand finds a niche or opportunity to explore, and innovation breeds success.

But what if, along with listening to consumers, they were asked to participate in developing the product? The brand would gain agility and find the right product more swiftly, it would reduce the margin of error in its market launch, and would overtake its competitors.

And speaking of listening, today’s consumers seem to declare the following: they want products and services that are more innovative (65% of them say so), and they find it increasingly difficult to find such products (6 out of 10 say so), in view of the study “State of the connected customer” published by Salesforce last year.

Perhaps because innovation is sometimes oversold, in the form of technological changes that modify our habitual behavioral patterns, or simply because it is perceived as attractive (consumers want to feel surprised, they seek novelty), the fact is that brands find it increasingly difficult to create loyalty among their consumers.

listening to consumer

And even to attract them, as competition in the digital arena grows while it has never been so easy to access so many products and services.

Innovation, as a factor that differentiates brands from the competition; and technology, as a means to better access a brand’s offering, are therefore two fundamental elements to attract and create loyalty among consumers.

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Salesforce again bolsters the argument: 75% of consumers would like to live new technology-related experiences.

Listening to consumers to innovate more swiftly

The use of vertical communities that focus on a brand’s theme or sector, allow brands to relate to consumers in a way that differentiates them from their competitors.

These communities combine traditional listening from other digital channels with an active attitude on the consumer’s part, who apart from communicating with the brand on the same level, can participate in its construction, by expressing their needs, wishes regarding new products, or areas of improvement in the current offering.

Gathering consumer insights allows brands to become better acquainted with their potential targets, identify opportunities in the market and deliver products more swiftly and with less margin of error, as they have previously been approved by consumers.

In the race that is the digital era, there is nothing better for brands than putting themselves in their consumers’shoes to reach the finish line together.

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Read the Salesforce study here.

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