How to drive co-creation
and collect consumer insights


Every year, more than 70% of the products launched on the market fail. Consumer co-creation reduces risks, reveals the latest market trends and fosters customer loyalty not only through products, but also with new interactive experiences with the brand.

The use of Co-Creation Communities with consumers gives a brand precise knowledge of the state of the art in its market, by asking current and potential consumers on a large scale about matters of interest to the brand. These communities can also involve consumers in the construction of the brand itself and what it offers, by providing an innovative channel to interact and create loyalty among large audiences through a memorable co-creative experience, offering the consumer value beyond the fact of enjoying a given product or service.
In this free ebook you will learn to drive a community where you can co-create your brand or organization with the goals you choose, and delve into the processes and good practice necessary to obtain valuable information that will give you competitive advantages and allow you to grow in your market.

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cocreación con consumidores
cocreación con consumidores

Co-creation: how to build organizations
and brands collectively

Download the success stories of organizations in different sectors who use co-creation and open innovation with various collectives like their employees, clients or consumers, to transform internally and acquire competitive advantages.

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