The playing field for your innovation program and quality ideas. 

Our software Universe grows with a Contents Portal and a Trends Observatory, the best support and content to drive the results of your corporate innovation program.

Employees, clients, startups… Ideation tools, workshops, labs … A corporate innovation programs built with several teams of collaborators and different parts. And, sometimes, we need to know how to fit them all together if we want to aspire to great things. Having a unique channel to broadcast all your program and activities, where you can bring your participants together around your innovation strategy, can make the difference on the path that leads from ideas to go to market. Our Universe software grows: in addition to its Innovation Communities, it includes a Contents Portal to notify about on/off actions that are part of your innovation program, and a Trends Observatory, where you can outline available knowledge about your sector.

Our innovation software Universe grows
with your innovation program and family of collaborators.

The knowledge necessary for quality ideas.

Our new Trends Observatory is integrated in the community that hosts ideas from your stakeholders, defining the state of the art in your sector and laying the ground with top-level content that will inspire the best ideas. The Trends Observatory will allow you to promote participation in your community that is associated with your innovation strategy, igniting the spark of creative thinking among your various collaborators.
observatorio de innovación
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Connect your stakeholders with your program and milestones.

Meanwhile, the innovation portal integrates your innovation program's ideas community within the rest of your activities and co-creation projects. Events, surveys, collaborations with startups, universities… all your milestones and movements surrounding innovation are visible from one unique and global spot, facilitating cross-collaboration and the transfer of knowledge among your stakeholders.
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