Ideas with transformative power

We are part of society

At ideas4all Innovation, we believe in a system of business values based on the power of people and their ideas to collectively transform their environment, on a local or global level.

In our company’s DNA is collaboration, peer-to-peer work and participation. We feel part of a whole, and believe that our commitment as a business is to have a positive impact on society. These values guide our daily work. We devote part of our profit to giving back to society what society has given us.

SDG goals for innovation at society

Collaborative innovation for society, with all of society.

Part of our projects meet several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included in United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, and involve different collectives in society to innovate with a positive impact on the planet.

conquistando la igualdad promotes the gender equality in the society through open innovation

Together with Womenalia, we are launching the first collaborative intelligence project in diversity. Conquistando la Igualdad (Conquering Equality) is a collaborative innovation community with participation from all of society and companies, thanks to public-private collaboration, in the task of providing equal opportunities for men and women in any field.

an example of social innovation focused on society

We support Unltd Spain in their commitment to generating a business and innovation model that has an impact on society. We are suppliers for the collaborative innovation community Plantacción, which helps social entrepreneurs participate in different challenges that seek solutions in social innovation.

como empresa defendemos un compromiso con la sociedad

Committed with our environment’s sustainability

Our eco line of services allows companies to develop innovation projects with a positive environmental footprint, collaborating with their employees, other stakeholders, or society as a whole.

As a business, we comply with the United Nations Global Compact regarding the protection of human rights, employment standards and the environment.