Ideas with transformative power

We are part of society

At ideas4all Innovation we believe in a system of corporate values based on the power of people and their ideas to collectively transform their immediate environment or the world, companies and society itself.

Collaboration, peer-to-peer work and making a contribution are in our DNA. We feel that the way we fit in society is by facilitating people’s ability to help others. We are a part of it all and we want to make our contribution, together with our clients, to improve the lives of people and organizations with our work and part of our profits.

We support Unlimited Spain in the creation of companies with a social impact.

Our solution in the cloud helps game-changers anywhere in the world to express their idea or ‘transformative’ project to the world and to companies, to make it grow collectively and with the will of building an association between company and society marked by responsible leadership and a course of action that is committed to improving society.

Our goal at ideas4all Innovation is to put a management model into effect that goes beyond mere economic yield. In the culture that marks our day-to-day activity, with our practices and within our means, we look to create economic and social value along with all our stakeholders, contributing to sustainable development and well-begin in society.

As a company, we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact regarding human rights, employment standards and the environment.