How to connect and innovate
with your ecosystem of stakeholders


Innovation today requires speed. A corporate innovation program means mobilizing very diverse collaborators and activities, and this is a great source of wealth. Technology allows us to speed up the process, aligning different participants to swiftly take the best solutions from idea to market.

Corporate innovation programs allow organizations to take full advantage of the talent available in their ecosystem, either through employees or in collaboration with startups, universities or consumers themselves, among others; configuring a diverse ecosystem that expands the organization's ability to identify solutions for its strategic challenges.

Our innovation management software and methodology supports this type of program by, for example:

– Creating a community open to contributions and ideas in real time, with co-creative dynamics that include the organization's various stakeholders.
– A defined process with tools to scout and detect ideas with potential, covering the corporate innovation funnel.
– One unique channel to centralize and communicate activities and strategic lines for the organization's corporate innovation program.
– A trend observatory to train and inform collectives involved in the program regarding the 'state of the art' in the sector, promoting quality participation.

The best travel companions for
your journey to innovation

Our Universe software, along with our consulting know-how, allow organizations to draw their internal talent and other collaborators, like their clients, into their corporate innovation programs by finding ideas and building a portfolio with solutions to co-create competitive advantages.