It’s time to innovate
with the best ideas.

Our innovation management software in the cloud and its methodology create communities where one or more stakeholders –like employees, clients or suppliers– can share their ideas to
co-create new products, services or solutions with you, giving you the competitive advantage.

Set yourself apart from your competition with Universe.

Simple, swift and customizable innovation management

In only 15 days, you will have your own innovation community with your brand image, totally secure and without needing large investments or complex implementation processes.

software de gestión de la innovación
  • Explore
  • Detect
  • Stimulate

Expand your
innovation programs.

Our software will allow you to involve all the actors you choose from your ecosystem in the generation of innovative ideas. Crowdsourcing and our proven methodology will let you detect the best ideas and promote their implementation in your organization.


The potential of collective intelligence through organized listening.


Those ideas and people with more innovation potential.


The ideas development to something tangible, with effect on your organization

Explore / Detect / Stimulate

Connect your internal talent
and add the one close to your organization

Our innovation management software allows you to ask about the challenges that concern your organization in real time, spontaneously or through competitions. You will incorporate diversity and disruptive thinking while you find the solutions you need, but you will also increase the competitiveness, collaboration and commitment of all parties involved.

Our clients use our software for…


Innovation in products or processes


Change management


Intrapreneurship and talent detection


Co-creation with external collectives

One solution, all the innovation.

Innovation management

Ideas categories.


Classification & filtering axes.


Evaluation experts.


Ideas life cycle.

Community dynamization

Crowdsourcing challenges.


Highlighted ideas & users.


Real time communication.


Gamification resources.

Project monitoring

Activity dashboard.


KPI measurement.


Engagement & talent measurement.


Graphic & exportable reports.

On boarding & follow up

Own methodology.


Blended learning system.


Governance model.


Innovation funnel.

Drive forward and
optimize your results

Our exclusive methodology will allow you to structure the organized listening of ideas that arise from crowdsourcing. It also promotes a governance team for the community, capable of detecting the best suggestions and facilitating their implementation, based on different parameters and their time to market.

The state of innovation,
at every time.

The CEO and management team for innovation programs will have direct access to graphic displays for community activity and ROI, from any device. Our own, unique model displays implemented ideas, participation levels, and user talent and engagement figures.

Manage the entire process in a
simple, efficient and measurable way.

Administrators can manage the community’s stimulation and activity through an intuitive, powerful and unique back office; they can also create reports for their line managers, with reviews and graphics that include workflow information, or they can calculate profitability of ideas.

Innovation accessible to everyone,
open to your change makers.

A simple interface and gamification mechanisms enable anyone to participate in our innovation communities from any place or device, and at any time. This will allow you to detect people with innovation skills you were not aware of, and contribute to develop others.

We accompany you on your
innovation journey by training every profile.

Our offer includes innovationLAB, a blended learning training channel made up of a continuous e-learning solution and specific workshops that focus on high performance and integrating innovation in the DNA of your teams and projects. This allows all profiles involved in the community–administrators, experts, and project managers–to obtain official certification as innovation managers with specific methodology.

Why us?

Large organizations choose us to innovate.

Thanks to our know-how and unique experience with more than 30 implementations in different sectors: Banking, Insurance, Energy, Retail, Insurance, Public Administration or Education Institutions; we make it possible to manage innovation with the participation of different collectives such as employees, clients, students or citizens. Added to our continuous learning process is the development and management of, the world’s largest creative ideas community, with over 180,000 users in 5 countries.

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