Alain Afflelou

Alain Afflelou promotes a cocreation community open to customers

Project description

Alain Afflelou trusts in our innovation solution to create a creative ideas community open to all audiences. With this, the leading brand at European level of optical franchising bets on people and their talent, involving them in the construction of the brand through co-creation and crowdsourcing processes that give birth to disruptive ideas. In addition, the launch of the IDEAS4AFFLELOU community has seen the backing of a powerful communication campaign.

Project details:

Date: since 2016
Target: customers

A new focus on customer listening

According to Eva Ivars, Managing Director of Alain Afflelou in Spain, this co-creation project “was born to bring the brand even closer to the general public through a pioneering digital community in the sector that places Alain Afflelou at the forefront of new ways of communicating, listening and interacting with customers”. IDEAS4AFFLELOU is a resource opened to the participation of the general audience, a new channel to publicize the brand and attract new customers.

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