Mutua Madrileña

It has influenced in the quality of service and in interaction with our customers.

Fernando Bueno

Director of Innovation, Mutua Madrileña

How to open the internal talent

Project description

Mutua Madrileña entrusted us with the development of an internal social network for ideas in 2010, to gather strategic business suggestions. To this day, close to 70% of its employees actively participate in the network. Since 2012, Mutua Madrileña also uses our platform to actively listen and open participation to their clients.

Project details

Duration: permanent
Date: from 2010
Users: more than 10,000
ROI: More 8M €/year

Mutua Madrileña open its innovation to its internal talent

SOY Innovador, open innovation and active listening

ideas4all Innovation’s solution has allowed Mutua Madrileña to create a channel for communication and open innovation with its customers. With SOY Innovador, anyone can contribute his or her ideas to the company. Several of these ideas have already been added to the insurance company’s commercial offer.

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