Sustainable innovation, an investment open to all.

Today’s organizations are undertaking the commitment to promote sustainable practices in their social, business and natural environment. This global demand is receiving more and more support from consumers who are increasingly aware of the need to acquire products and consumer habits that are more respectful with the environment. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and it therefore makes sense for companies, citizens, public administrations and other organizations to join forces in order to achieve a more sustainable world, together.

Software, methodology and advisory services for innovation in sustainability projects.

ideas4all Innovation eco is our new line of services for sustainable innovation, based on the use of online communities where an organization’s different stakeholders can use collaborative intelligence to co-create solutions that have a positive and innovative impact on sustainability.
 some stakeholders involved in sustainable innovation projects

How does it work?

Launch a community open to your stakeholders.

Connect with their ideas and promote their growth thanks to co-creation.

Create projects that will contribute to transforming your socio-economic business environment.

A community with sustainable innovation projects

Drive eco-collaborative change.

With ideas4all Innovation eco you will create a community that brings all your stakeholders together, to co-create new ideas that give rise to projects with an impact on your organization, the socio-economic and natural environment and people’s lives.
Create an inclusive community around your organization and a network of game changers from different sectors in society, to spearhead a more sustainable planet. 

Lead collective change toward a more sustainable planet.

Large organizations have a great transformative impact on their social, economic and natural environment. Furthermore, the have the ability to build a network of people, ideas and resources necessary to advance toward a more respectful relationship with the environment.
Transform your environment collaboratively, innovating in your community.
Possible stakeholders.

Citizens and consumers.
Companies and employees.
Administrations and governments.

Possible areas addressed.

Climate change *
Sustainable manufacture and consumption methods *
Accessible clean energy *
Protection of natural resources *
Sustainable cities *
Circular economy.

* SDG (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

trends observatory in sustainable innovation

A community open to the latest trends in sustainability

Our innovation communities include an observatory where you can find documentation and sources of repute on the state-of-the-art and latest trends in sustainability, as well as content to inspire creativity and ideas among the various groups of collaborators. Thanks to our observatory, you will prepare the grounds for more qualitative ideas that may germinate into projects with an impact on your organization and society as a whole.



A city open to sustainable innovation

Santander City Brain eco is a project launched by Santander’s City Council; a space where Santander’s citizens can help build a greener city together. Apart from being a channel for citizen participation, the project hosts a trend observatory and studies all municipal initiatives related to sustainability.