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Ana María Llopis

Non-executive President & Founder

“Innovation best index is the degree of self-cannibalization”.

Pilar Roch


“Disruptive innovation is key to creating our space in the new business ecosystems”

Fernando Echevarrieta

Business Development & Alliances

“Innovation requires nonconformists”..

Isabel Martínez

Senior Sales Executive

“”Innovation is shaking, breaking barriers, astonishing and seducing”

David Gil Pérez


“Innovation as a curiosity exercise.”

Miguel Martínez

Marketing & Communication.

“Innovation is proactive, social and transformative”.

Mohamed Ziata

Product Development

“Innovation: there are always new paths to discover”.

Nacho Abad

Product development.

“Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovation less as individual endeavours and more as a fusion of collective visions”.

Edgar Barrero

Product Development

“Innovation is inherent in childhood. We simply must keep it as we grow”.

Antonio Tapiador


“Innovate or die”.

S.C. Baillet

Administration & HR

“Innovation is to share ideas in a changing world”.

Marta Mora

Customer support

“Innovation is creativity with no limits”.

Lorena Gómez

Customer support

“Innovation as a process of continuous improvement and non-conformism”

Esther Amil

Web design & front.

“Change the path and reach the destination with other experience”.

Angeliki Iliadi

Web design & front.

“To innovate is to introduce and apply new ways that respond to the needs of modern society and last in the near future”.

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