Banking & Insurance

Banco Santander places the customer at the center of its strategy and co-create with it through its Customer Center.
Banco Sabadell uses open innovation to develop ideas with employees that make a difference to its business.
Mutua Madrileña involves two of its stakeholders–employees and clients–in the generation of business ideas.
Banco Santander involves employees in the co-creation of ideas to improve productivity and work-life balance.
Banco Sabadell uses its innovation community to transmit corporate values like co-creation and transparency.
Zurich Insurance spanish division opens its corporative innovation program to the participation of its employees and sales network.
Banco Santander opens its innovation to employees and clients as part of its transformation and change management.
Santalucía Seguros uses crowdsourcing to drive intrapreneurship projects forward and detect internal talent.
Zurich Insurance involves the talent of its employees and agents in the process of cultural change to offer to the customers the best service.

Audit & Energy

KPMG Spain includes ideas crowdsourcing with clients as a pillar of its innovation ecosystem.
EY Spain develops a process of active listening of its employees’ needs, to improve productivity and engagement.
Repsol uses an open innovation community to promote the generation of business ideas among employees.

Retail & FMCG

Alain Afflelou uses open innovation to co-create business ideas with its clients and improve their customer journey.
Vicky Foods, through its open innovation community, co-creates with its consumers and catches valuable insigths. 
Calidad Pascual relies on open innovation to develop an intrapreneurship plan with its employees.
Nestlé Spain uses ideas crowdsourcing to co-create new products internally and improve business processes.

Public sector

RTVE involves, through Innova, all its employees in its transformation in order to offer a better service to society.
UNED innovation testimonial
UNED gathers ideas from several collectives to collectively imagine how the University should be in its 50th anniversary.
Santander City Council uses civic engagement to involve citizens and private initiatives in its development as a smart city.
University Carlos III of Madrid opens itself up to participation and ideas from the university world for the creation of its next Strategic Plan.
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