The comprehensive solution for innovation.We can help you...


  • Make ideas tangible and add them to your profits account
  • Obtain disruptive ideas: move ahead of your time and set yourself apart from the competition
  • Implement “quick wins”: evolutionary ideas that improve day to day processes
  • Integrate your entire organization in a collective vision on innovation

Digital Transformation

  • Increase productivity with digital tools
  • Create a corporate culture of innovators in a digital ecosystem
  • Transform your structure with participation processes open to all
  • Blur your organization’s boundaries, connect people and ideas

Change management

  • Involve stakeholders in change
  • Enjoy constant communication with everyone’s participation
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Foresee the barriers that can hold back change and manage solutions

HR & Talent

  • Detect transformative talent
  • Increase commitment and productivity
  • Encourage intrapreneurship
  • Transform your organization through people

Marketing & Communication

  • Co-create with your clients
  • Offer a unique user experience
  • Present specific challenges and listen to your buyers
  • Keep a window open for new proposals

Academic world

  • Create an ecosystem for collaboration, innovation and learning
  • Melt the talent iceberg through communication
  • Connect institutions with companies and with society
  • Connect parents, students, teaching staff and PAS in a common project

Smart Cities

  • Manage citizen participation efficiently and transparently
  • Create an ecosystem of open innovation for citizens
  • Embrace e-Government promoting social cohesion and sustainability
  • Facilitate public-private collaboration


  • Compare and improve projects with potential users
  • Attract investment and collaborators
  • Encourage a collaborative economy
  • Support the creation of new economic ecosystems


  • Increase the reach, impact and value of your event
  • Transform participants into members of a community
  • Extend the duration of the event by connecting editions
  • Help your sponsors obtain returns

Boost your company transformation with the power of collaborative innovation

Why choose ideas4all Innovation?


Because it drives innovation and turns it into a regular way of working

It achieves the implementation of ideas and widens your business vision, letting the community detect deficiencies, areas for improvement and new opportunities.


Because it uncovers talent

Through democratic participation, individual talent cannot remain hidden. It increases productivity through collaborative work.


Because we are multi-language and highly customizable.

Through democratic participation, individual talent cannot remain hidden. It increases productivity through collaborative work.


Because it generates a high ROI

It measures the profits generated by implemented ideas and shows this in the profit and loss account.


Because it increases engagement

Your team, clients or community will feel valued and listened to. You will improve their experience in relation to your company.


Because we are leaders in the Latin American market and a reference in strategic sectors such as Bank and Finance, Insurance, Energy and Consumer Goods.

Our experience and results with more than 8 years implementing solutions in large corporations and our open B2C network are our guarantee.

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