Embark on a collective journey towards 21st Century education

Tap into all the talent in the education community through ideas crowdsourcing, and explore its connections with the rest of society and the world of business.

We are part of the university of the future

We help to drive forward universities connected to the world, without digital or geographic barriers and open to internal and external talent. With that in mind, we create a digital ecosystem for collaboration, innovation and learning that encompasses the entire academic community and also builds bridges to the business community and society in general. Universities play a key role in the creation of individuals who are better trained, more competent, resilient and committed, and have the will to add value to society. Our solution promotes entrepreneurship among students, as well as their critical capacity through the debate of ideas.

We make the University something collective…

Communication in universities is often one-way and top to bottom, from the university’s management body and administration to students, passing through the teaching staff and PAS, sometimes also reaching alumni but with scarce communication with the rest of society and the business world. With ideas4all Innovation communication and knowledge flows between all the collectives of interest in the world of universities, making participation of the entire community possible in the generation of ideas and management of different projects for education.

…and we make the Talent Iceberg emerge

By involving the entire university community in matters related to the world of universities, ideas and talent emerge that would otherwise remain uncovered. We make participation in the university environment a global process, open to all of its collectives and cross-generational. All the above, with the intention of vindicating the role of universities as a place where ideas are debated for the future of society.

Participation in the academic world

ideas4all Innovation makes it possible to connect student collectives of all ages with business and social challenges. Companies and society will be able to count on the opinion and participation of young people. In turn, these students will become aware of their role in the world through a digital ecosystem for constructive debate that is democratic, analytic and critical.

We provide the perfect solution so that all types of education institutions may receive interesting ideas on their activities and centers from the different collectives they are made up of, either with spontaneous contributions or through the creation of specific challenges.

They have already tried it

Educational institutions are powerful seedlings of knowledge. Promote participation and collective ideas, discover internal talent and ‘makers’ with the will to transform their environment and society.

Ideas and talent with transformative potential

We want to tell you how you can use all the knowledge that exists in your institution through processes of collective intelligence.