Change management begins with your employees

Create a community where you bring your organization together around your transformation strategy. Generate a culture of innovation, an appetite for new ideas, and promote collaboration and intrapreneurship in your daily activities.

Engage your internal talent in your transformation

Our software is integrated within change management processes as a powerful tool for communication and internal transformation. Within your own community, accessible to all your employees and stakeholders, you will be able to develop new ideas and solutions to tackle your organization’s different internal and external threats.

software que ayuda a EY impulsar la gestión del cambio

Collaborative innovation to drive your transformation

Change is triggered through people and is built collectively, within your community. Our Universe software aligns your internal talent and team of collaborators along the same strategic axes. It also generates an environment of collaboration and creativity that sustains your change management. By listening to your stakeholders, you will reinforce their commitment to the process, and it will become easier to identify profiles and leaders that can be real actors in your organization’s change.

Our references in change management: