Co-create with your customers
in community

Our co-creation software connects your brand with its customers and large groups of consumers. Engage them and obtain valuable insights and ideas for innovative products and experiences.

Keep the window open to ideas and insights that improve your offer

Our co-creation software with clients and consumers creates a digital community around your brand where you can gather ideas and insights from large audiences, on a large scale, quickly and at a low cost. Listen to the latest trends in your market and detect new ideas among your stakeholders. Co-create and launch new products and services onto the market, while obtaining competitive advantages with less risk. Give a voice to customers and increase they loyalty and identification with your brand.

example of a co-creation software

How to co-create and obtain insights
from your consumers

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a co-creation software to capture ideas from consumers

Co-creation software in community, with your stakeholders

Our co-creation software and its methodology give your brand its own and unique channel to communicate with those who know your business best or have an interest in it. Listen to their ideas, ask your user community about their needs and use their feedback to establish the issues they are most interested in. Make active listening one of the cornerstones of your relationship with your clients and all of your consumers.

Use challenges to ask your clients and obtain ideas that make a difference

Our co-creative communities allow you to ask your audience, consumer targets of special interest, or the general public about issues you consider strategic. Launch challenges in your community to obtain ideas that solve problems, gather valuable insights and innovative ideas. Get to know your audience and market better to innovate faster or reduce the margin of error when launching new products and services.

a software based on co-creation communities

Use our co-creation software to offer a unique user experience

Change your relationship with your clients, leaving the door permanently open to feedback and suggestions about your products and services. Make innovation with clients the new and normal way for your company to work. Make an impact on every stage of the customer journey and let consumers perceive your brand as transparent, creative and innovative.

Living brands in continuous construction with their customers

Discover some public communities launched with our co-creation software