Detect the ideas that will change the world

Use our solution to find model entrepreneurs inside and outside your organization.

Detect entrepreneurs and the best talent around your organization with our innovation management software and its ideation challenges. Establish a creative communication channel that will let you develop innovative proposals, share practices, connect entrepreneurs with investors, or transfer technology and talent.
ideation challenge open to innovation with entrepreneurs

Contrast entrepreneuring ideas with real markets

ideas4all Innovation is the perfect solution to present ideas for new products and services, receiving a prior and real assessment precisely from your potential clients. Ideas follow a workflow through which they are refined, enriched and evaluated by a real potential market, increasing the success rate of your launch.

an ideas hackaton focused on innovation with entrepreneurs

Accelerators, entrepreneurship competitions and search for investors

Entrepreneuring projects can be presented, commented and voted for publically and transparently using our solution. Its versatility offers many possibilities, such as searching for investment or recruiting collaborators to join a project. ideas4all Innovation supports the creation of new economic ecosystems, and is a very useful tool in structuring new projects based on the collaborative economy involving entrepreneurs in social innovation.

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