People are key in the digital era.

Facilitate intrapreneurship, corporate engagement and talent detection. Our innovation solution is a powerful tool for change at the service of Human Resource departments.

People, at the forefront of change

HR departments today are faced with a great challenge: transforming companies through people, managing change and integrating and obtaining benefits from the diverse talent present in organizations. In many cases, talent capable of transforming a corporation is found in places that were previously unexplored, far from the hubs where ideas are normally generated and suggested.

Ideas crowdsourcing procedures bring together all existing talent within the organization to innovate collectively. They also give organizations a competitive advantage when dealing with the current moment of economic disruption.

More engagement and productivity

ideas4all Innovation increases people’s engagement with the organization by making the contribution of ideas democratic, using a channel that promotes the exchange of knowledge and increases the visibility of talent. ideas4all innovation increases the commitment of internal talent achieving a greater identification with the company by making the entire organization part of the process of generating ideas. Companies where employee ideas are requested, heard, and implemented enjoy better work environments.

ideas4all Innovation surpasses the “participation rule” that is normally applied to the Internet, where 90% of users read, 10% give their opinion or spread content, and only 1% generate new content. Our experience with clients raises these percentages to 50% of people who read, 30% who give their opinion and vote, and 20% who contribute ideas to the organization.

Encourage intrapreneurship and collaboration

ideas4all Innovation helps to create a collective culture characterized by intrapreneurship. Any person who is part of the organization can share his or her ideas on new business models, products or services, and for these ideas to be seen, commented on and evaluated by the departments and people who can make them become reality.

Also, collaborative work between people and departments promotes diversity in ideas and their improvement. This eradicates isolated knowledge silos and liberates the transformative potential common to the entire organization.

They have already tried it

The innovative dna of a company resides in the people who form it. Human Resources departments play an increasingly important role in detecting the talent needed to transform companies with innovation.



Innovation begins in people,
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