Place people at the forefront of innovation.

An organization’s internal talent plays a key role in its transformation. Our idea management software involves employees in innovation and in finding ideas that provide competitive advantages, while increasing their motivation, engagement and their ability for entrepreneurship.

The best idea management software for a collective transformation.

Our software and methodology allow you to ask your organization’s employees for ideas that you can gather in real time to solve your future challenges. This intensifies idea generation outside of the usual hubs and takes advantage of the organization’s diversity as a treasure for innovation. This democratization of innovation also helps Human Resources departments to detect and retain talent within a context of continuous disruption.

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Create a culture of intrapreneurship and innovation

An internal innovation community, open to the management of ideas from all employees, allows organizations to generate and transmit a corporate culture of innovation aligned to its challenges and strategic goals. Its use also promotes values like collaboration and breaking up silos. The Human Resources department can spearhead innovation and drive intrapreneurship programs that allow employees to co-create and lead innovative projects autonomously, although under the organization’s umbrella.

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Employees at the center of innovation

Calidad Pascual drives an intrapreneurship program through a community of ideas co-creation.

Employees committed with the organization and its change.

Listening to employees helps organizations understand and meet their needs. By participating in their own community and having the opportunity to express their ideas, people feel more motivated and committed with the organization, improving the work environment. A co-creative channel of this type also encourages productivity, reduces absenteeism and helps to make internal talent more visible, giving it recognition.

90% of employees registered in the first weeks. The possibility to participate increased eNPS by 34 points.

Silvia Heras

Director of Communication and Strategic Marketing, Zurich Insurance

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Innovation begins with people:
give their ideas a voice

Involve your internal talent in your transformation thanks to collaborative innovation.
Human Resources departments face the challenge of extracting all the potential of people in the digital era. Our software and methodology allow the creation of an ecosystem for collaboration and innovation around an organization.